Earn Store Credit by Helping Us


In order to make our Graphic Novel and Trade Paperback live offer buying page more comprehensive and to be able to provide better offers on even more graphic novels, we are currently working to idenfity ISBN numbers for all known published graphic novel volumes.  We still have about 50,000 graphic novels for which we need the ISBN number. 

In order to accomplish this we are offering interested parties a flat store credit of 10 cents per ISBN identified.  Finding the ISBN usually takes about 10 seconds and can be accomplished by a quick Amazon search in most cases.

If you would be intersted in assisting with this effort and would like to earn yourself store credit in the process, please send us an email letting us know.  We'll send you a spreadsheet of several hundred titles and a short set of instructions on how to find the ISBN number for each.  All you'll then need to do is find the ISBN's and email the spreadsheet back to us to collect your credit.

Thanks for your help making our site better!

The Comic Blessing Team